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Hilde Frateur (B) is a singer-songwriter since she was a young girl! In 2006 her first cd on her own name came out and ever since she is traveling with her accordion and ukulele. Playing and singing concerts, masterclasses and workshops in Belgium, Italy(2005…2016), The Netherlands(2006…2014), Hungary (2001), Filipinas (2006), Egypt (2008), Austria (2010), South-Africa (2013), Italy (2014) Uzbekistan (2015), Italy (2016).

Her songs are a mirror of her life. Hilde Frateur creates songs in different languages since she travels a lot with her music. Every international meeting adds a language or a new song to her repertoire. You can feel a great love for meeting other cultures and inspiration from traveling in her work.

She also specialised in singing a lot of Italian Partizan songs, since she studied art history in Rome. She was singing at the Festival della Pace in Pisa (2006), Folkfestival of Rovigo (It)2010 , (It), Festival della Repubblica di Teolo (2013).

She sings a lot of songs about water and ocean, living on – and with water. Hilde learned her songs at thousands of people. One of her big succes are her interactif concerts for children and people because she let them all sing! She made programs for big school-projects with “singing about climate and water”.

With a beautiful voice you hear the sentiments, engagement for people, human rights, climate and harmony in life. Hilde Frateur has different programs for all ages and let everybody sing with her and enjoy!

Hilde Frateur plays often solo but has many professional musicians around her to accompany for a bigger sound or longer concerts.

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  1. hilde (Post author)

    Voor meer info: facebook en agenda

  2. Rensbie

    Verrassend mooi wat jullie deden in Lillo Boekendorp.
    Als het jullie past, mag je de tekst (van de bijlage zie blogspot) altijd gebruiken hoor…

    En als je meer over/van me wilt lezen, kijk op…


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